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With a K, I am Karl: a 23 year old gay, Afro-Latino, left-handed artist / scholar. The journey to my current stage in life...

With a K, I am Karl:

a 23 year old gay, Afro-Latino, left-handed Artist / Scholar.


The journey to my current stage in life (in career, in craft, in passion) is multifaceted. I will do my best to be clear and concise by starting (and ending) in the middle:

I attended Wheaton College in Massachusetts, as a Posse Scholar, where I initiated my own course of study in Visual Sociology. On a self-charted journey, I spent four years discovering and uncovering the importance of photographic documents in the analysis of society and community. I was diligent in my studies and opportunities quickly and beautifully manifested. 

I was awarded a Mellon Research grant with one of my favorite professors, Hyun Kim, to complete a photo essay on social inequity in New York City. Shortly after, I spent 21 days in Ireland on a residential arts program. There, I created Finding Solace. Directly following, I received a grant to conduct photographic research within a small community in Ahmedabad, India. This work ultimately led me to graduate as the sole Wheaton Scholar in my class. 

At the close of my undergraduate career, I was awarded a full ride to study Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary. My thesis which focused on safety and liberation in the gay club’s Thirdspace allowed me to graduate with merit. 

Post graduate school, I spent two months in Europe reflecting, and then headed off to San Francisco where I currently work as the Founding Program Coordinator at the Posse Foundation’s newest site. 

In addition to my education and current work, I have freelanced for the past six years. Previously, I have partnered with The Allstate Foundation, Neutrogena, East Dane, Sprint, and Coke for advertorial campaigns. This work catapulted me into various speaking engagements— namely, SxSW Interactive, Hispanicize, and The Digital Family Summit. 

Now, you could find my musings and daily creations on Constant Work in Progress. Or, you can stay here a while and peruse my creative projects.

And if you’d like to collaborate, or request a print, or just tell me about how your day is going, don’t hesitate to shoot me a line