52 Week Photography Challenge: I’m participating!

I have always been interested in photography. It’s a unique art form in that you take what everyone sees and you show them something new, give them a new perspective. It provides a constant challenge to enunciate even the smallest of details and capture the depth and emotion of a moment in just one click; through intuition, through reflex, through your lens. The moments after a great shot are my favorite part. They are full of euphoria knowing that what you just captured will captivate and even inspire someone else.

In this past year I purchased my very first DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera. It was an expensive gadget but definitely worth the investment. It has opened up the world of photography considerably. I have learned so much while having it in my possession and hope to never stop. Since this purchase photography has truly become my passion. When I look through a viewfinder the world is different, people are different; most of the time in a good way sometimes not. While behind the lens I learn more about myself than my subjects.

I have been sharing my photography for sometime now, on various networks, but have never announced it exclusively. Now I am, I’m shouting it to the rooftops! You can find me on both Flickr (link) and Instagram as KarlRivera. I have a few photos on each network but the number of posts will increase dramatically in the coming year.

I’m putting myself onto the 52 week challenge in which I post a different picture on each photography network I am associated with for the next year. I will focus on a different theme each week based on my surroundings and feelings.

You can follow my progress on each network!
Follow me (@karlrivera) to see how I fare on Instagram!
Click HERE to see my advancement on Flickr!
Or, check back on this post, every Wednesday, to see all of my photo challenge blog posts!

I’d like to really push myself to become a better photographer, I’d like to spot those hidden beauties that are all too often missed and bring a unique perspective to those things that people see more often than they’d like. After all, my resolution for 2012 was to give everything I do 100%.

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