Blast From the Past: The iPhone 4G has Been Leaked

These previously leaked images of the iPhone 4G have turned out to be more than just Chinese counterfeits. They are the real deal. That’s right, this is the new iPhone 4G.

The new additions to the phone include:

  1. A Front-facing video chat camera.
  2. Improved regular camera as well as flash.
  3. Micro-SIM
  4. Improved display.
  5. Split buttons for volume.
  6. Metallic power, mute, and volume buttons.
The new iPhone now boasts a square design but I doubt that that will stick after the official release of the phone. Apple is all about aesthetics meeting innovation. This design is neither aesthetically pleasing nor innovative. This design actually takes a step back. Although it makes the phone thinner it makes it harder to fit the hand and it doesn’t match the design of all of their other gadgets.
The iMac has a rounded back, the Mac Mini is rounded, the whole MacBook line is rounded, and all the iPods besides the oldest –the classic– have curved backs. Why would Apple ostracize it’s highest profit gainer with a whole new design?
I choose to stay optimistic. I believe that Apple has way more up their sleeves then we can possibly imagine… Don’t they always?
To think, I actually really love the design of the iPhone 4 now.

I Went With Last Year’s Model!

I went a little crazy this weekend and decided to treat myself to something big… I bought myself an iPad. With careful consideration I decided to go with the original! Although I was really enticed by the iPad 2’s thinner body, and 2 cameras the $180.00 discount I received on a Refurbished iPad was definitely calling me a bit louder.

I have quite a few projects coming up and this device will allow me to be so much more productive, and organized than before, and after all, that’s what I’m trying to accomplish!

GTD with iPhone apps

Iron Man always gets things done.

Although I love social media it is not my first priority. I have a family to spend time with, a job to attend to, classes to study for, and seeing as I’m college bound in only one year scholarships to apply for.

That has all changed with the power of technology! I am just now starting to integrate the GTD mentality into my workflow and lifestyle. I am currently using 3 apps that are beyond incredible. All of them suit a different aspect of my personality:

  • Do it (tomorrow): my procrastinating habits,
  • Wunderlist: my obsessive need to have things organized and
  • Dailydeeds: my horrible memory.

They are all simple intuitive apps that I have found can be applied to any lifestyle.


Not only does this app allow you to make a to-do list with alerts and time frames, you are able to seperate it for the different parts of your life. For me: Blog, Work and Personal and in each category you add your to do lists with time frames, or none its all your preference! Just remember to check back on each category if you don’t set a deadline! This is usually the last GTD app that I check because it’s used for more long term tasks. I update it at night so as to not feel overwhelmed by the tasks I need to get accomplished.

Daily Deeds

This app is simple. Add things you do everyday and give them a color, then check them off as you complete them. They also offer a calendar view so you can see when you did and didn’t do one of your tasks (from that view you can easily update what you forgot to to check off).

Do it (tomorrow)

My favorite GTD app. A simple app with a few innovative features. You add your tasks regularly, but if you don’t finish them within the day they move to the next, or you could move it manually. It reduces my stress level, which can never be a bad thing! Of course because of the fact that you could just push any task off until 2015 it should only be used for tasks that can be neglected… heavily.

How do you stay productive?