Summer 2012!

This summer has been one of the best of my life. It was a time of self reflection and an amazing incubator for great memories.

I graduated high school!

It was an arduous four years but it was all worth it. I made friends and memories that I know will last a lifetime. Now we are heading to college; to bigger and better things. From New York to Massachusetts to Texas, on sports and merit scholarships we are ready to make our mark.

Most Memorable moments from graduation day:

  •  I freaked out because my best friend almost didn’t make it to walk down the aisle…
  •  and in all the stress, I walked down the aisle with my gown tucked into my pant pocket… sigh.
  •  I was called to receive my diploma as “Swagmaster” (rightfully so lol).
  •  I wore green pants.
  •  Dinner after the ceremony, such great memories.


I got an internship!

I am back at the Federal Reserve bank of New York for the third year in a row! My opinions are still my own though! 🙂 This year I am in the Research and Statistics area, in the Publications group; working on the cataloging of the bank’s photographs. I have just a week left but it has been amazing, well worth the time spent.


I turned 18!

I decided to keep it simple this year and just invite a few of my close friends over to my building’s sunroof. We had an intimate, funny and memorable dinner.

This says it all!


I went on the Posse Retreat!

Posse Retreat

There’s no explaining a Posse retreat but I will tell you this much:
Bonds grew stronger. We are family.


I submitted a proposal to speak at SxSW 2013!

You can click THIS link to see more information!


And in just a few days, this is where I will be:

I am officially an adult, I am a high school graduate, and in just a few short weeks I will be a college student… and I feel great.

Thank you Lord.

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