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My first year of college has been over for quite some time and even though there were a few (just kidding, there were a lot of) bumps in the road it was a successful one… one that I’m proud of.

Although the countless all-nighters, hours upon hours of homework, crazy roommates, faulty alarms, and petty (…and major) drama weren’t pretty, Wheaton has been great to me. I have met some incredible people, done some really cool (sometimes crazy) things and have learned in ways that are so different than I ever have before.

The transition into college wasn’t easy but it was the bumps in the road that ultimately helped me to thrive… and jumpstart my newest project:

LIFE House

During my first year at Wheaton, I noticed that fear was the number one immobilizer of potential; fear of failure, fear of being too much or too little… just fear across the board. I saw it freeze people, I felt it freeze me.

In the way that I dealt with individuals, with situations (good and bad), my priorities, and all the small things, I felt fear at the back of my mind; and I wanted that to change.

As a Wheaton posse scholar, I have been trained to recognize and handle problematic situations with poise and consideration… so I started thinking of ways that this impediment could be nullified.

I found that diverse perspectives and neutral spaces negate this crippling fear and encourage self-development and empowerment. So I, along with three others, used the available resources at Wheaton to provide a medium for students to express their passions, their ideas, and their innovations without fear… while at the same time tackling issues that are running rampant both on our campus and the world at large.

We developed an initiative called LIFE (Leadership & Innovation Fuel Empowerment) House… catchy huh? We are a house on campus that will be a consistent, invaluable space for ideas, social innovation, and change.

Through interactive events, and monthly roundtable discussions, among other things, we aim to develop leadership through critical thinking.

You could find more information in a portion of our interview deck below. Who knows… you may be able to help in some way!


I am a strong believer in the idea that one person can create change but I am a stronger believer in the idea that a group can make a difference… and I believe that LIFE House can make a difference.

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