Nowhere to go but up!

Hello there! My name is Karl Rivera and I am not your ordinary teen.

In short:

  • I am a scholar.
  • I am a photographer.
  • I am a writer.
  • I am a speaker (sometimes).
  • I am a Christian (all the time).
  • I am a millennial.

A bit more?

I am an intellectual prodigy… LOL JK but seriously I am a powerhouse.

It’s me again!

Having decided to enter the social media space in 2009 I set out to present a fresh teen perspective on consumer technology and it’s effective uses for teens on a blog called Teen On Da Rise.

My vision and platform has since then grown. My blog, Karl Rivera is now dedicated to teen lifestyle in it’s broadest sense: advice, reviews, and interactions with the world around me; all the while from a fresh teen perspective.

As my presence in social media has grown I have been offered unique speaking engagements! I have spoken on the topics of youth and influential male blogging at various conferences and smaller events. The opportunity to write for other well known bloggers has also arisen.

Now don’t be fooled, blogging doesn’t take up all of my time! I am also an image maker, a photographer. Capturing dynamic shots and intimate details I specialize in portraiture and urban landscape. You can check out some of my work HERE!

Among other things I am also a student, a hardworking one at that! Since young, my mom has taught me that school is important, that it’s the tool in my belt that will take down the biggest of foes which is why it has always taken precedence.

Scholarships are the best!

Thankfully, after many sleepless nights and endless studying sessions this meticulous attention has paid off. This year I was awarded a four year full-tuition leadership based scholarship to Wheaton College. A college ranked by Newsweek/The Daily Beast as one of the most Braniac Schools in the Country. It is a great honor and an even greater blessing.

In all that I do, I strive to put fourth maximum effort because ultimately whether young or old I am an example to those after me…

and I refuse to be an example of what not to do.

Check out what others have had to say:

Wise 16yr old! RT @: @ noted tht men may shy away frm blogging cause of pride/egos. Thy do not want 2b 2nd to women #Hispz11
Eva Smith™
Impressive grp. RT @: @ @ @ speaking at #Hispz11 Latino Men Bloggers panel http://twitpic.com/4i2pm2
VPE Public Relations
@ so great to meet you! You are an inspiration to young & old :) xo
Jacqueline Carly
@ Dude! I'm lucky to have met you. You have a bright future! Keep it up and stay positive.
Wayne Sutton

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