A powerful Collaboration: Samsung

Samsung is the jack of all trades. They create everything from tablets to T.V’s but I find that their happy medium is the cellphone. Their designs are distinct and hardware reliable. The Optimus S is a prime example. It is the perfect concoction- great software, service, and like stated before hardware. Although its just an entry level Android phone you can’t tell from it’s exterior.

The Optimus S boasts a 3.2 megapixel camera- something of an industry standard in this day and age- that is placed on the top center of the phone; and although that doesn’t sound like something great… it is. I was able to take pictures with the phone in landscape without once worrying that my finger was in the way. I was able to capture the moment, minus the black spots.

The touch screen was extremely responsive. It registered my taps, flicks, and┬áthumps. I rarely had to touch anything twice. The physical buttons, although very few, were helpful also. There were only nine around the phone, including volume rocker (which surprisingly didn’t work when the phone was locked) that were all used when I was putting the phone through my tests- everything was needed. This proved to be one of the very few cases where having extras was a bad thing.

Although there were a few things lacking on the Optimus S like a better, longer lasting battery overall the hardware was superb and would be great for any casual smartphone user.

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