A Powerful Collaboration: Android

Android, a world leading mobile operating system, second only to iOS has come a long way in a short amount of time. Android is a sleek operating system that has done a great job at integrating social networks like Facebook and Twitter, something that iOS and many other operating systems are beginning to do. This social integration among other features instantly makes the Optimus S their own.

Android allows different home screens which can be used like categories; one page for all games, one page for all utilities, one page for all GTD apps, and one page for everything else, everyone needs a little leeway 🙂

Android allows for widgets (small constantly running apps) that make it that much easier to navigate your phone, and pass information onto others.

Android allows for multitasking- the real kind- not just fast switching like iOS, it came in the original Android platform and it’s only gotten better with time.

Android allows you to return apps, think you made a mistake in a purchase? Don’t worry about it. The marketplace has you covered.

Android allows for customizability so your phone could actually be your phone.

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